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Campus Events at the Mac n Cheese Smackdown at St. George Campus

Certify your event


Certify your event as a Sustainable Event.

At U of T, we pride ourselves on being leaders in sustainability. The Sustainability Office at St. George launched the Sustainable Change Programs that offer resources, support, and certification around sustainability best practices for offices, labs, events, residences, and courses.

Through the Sustainable Events program, there is an incredible opportunity to set a standard for event planning through sustainability best practices at the St. George campus. Using the comprehensive sustainable events guide, resources, and certification process, you can host a certified successful, sustainable event. Check out the program and get certified today!

Check out the Sustainable Change Programs here › 

Lanyard Lending Program

The Lanyard Lending initiative is in partnership with the Sustainability Office and Campus Events to promote sustainable services.

Lanyards can be rented at the cost of $0.25/each and can accommodate a 4” x 3” badge. Requests must be made 10 business days in advance of the event, and the requesting organization is responsible for picking up and dropping off the lanyards at the confirmed date and time.

Lanyards can be picked up at the Campus Events Office located on the 4th floor of the McMurrich Building at 12 Queen’s Park Crescent West between 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. on weekdays.

Lanyards must be returned in the provided container with the name tag cards removed from their plastic holders, tied in bundles of 10. The reserving organization or department is responsible for returning all requested lanyards free of damage. While we understand lanyards and kits may become lost or damaged, this will result in a $1/lanyard kit upon return to the Campus Events office.

Campus Events Ambassadors are available to be hired to support a variety of event support services such as name badge stuffing, onsite registration, collecting lanyards from guests, and promoting enhanced waste sorting practices to guests which has a significant impact. To learn more and request ambassadors visit here.

Your efforts are essential in eliminating landfill waste and promoting the production of sustainable services at the University of Toronto. For more information, please visit

Solar Panels

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